SOME ARE BIGGER THAN WHAT THEY COME FROM...Websters collegiate defines Giant; legendary being of great stature and strength,  of more than mere mortal powers..." Deuce Mac and Bigg Joe West aspire to exemplify this character. 

THE YOUNG GIANTZ, observant of the peaks and pitfalls of the very demanding, ever evolving Hip Hop landscape and  are poised and equipped to provide an impact. They are two brothers with unique individual styles, yet still of distinct unified purpose and possessive of a chemistry positively powerful in presence. They describe themselves as passionate artists with a genuine love and respect for the gift of  music, its forefathers, and the majority of their peers. "We take a sense of pride in being unafraid to express honestly from our hearts in our music, when it seems so few share their true identity." Bigg Joe West says,  ..."fear doesn't hinder me when it comes to what i want to share with the true fans of our culture,  being a very sincere fan myself..." Deuce Mac says, .."We recognize our responsibility regarding our arts ability to influence, and intend to make music like good oldies that will be a representative of our sentiments as we continue to mature..." 

THE YOUNG GIANTZ see themselves continually active and influential in the Hip Hop environment, from the art form itself to the political climate affecting rap life and real life. Production credits to date include G BLACK, PHAT BEATZ, BLAQTHOVEN, DJ BATTLECAT, & DAE ONE. 

THE YOUNG GIANTZ are the sons of West Coast rap pioneer Playa Hamm of the Original Penthouse Players Clique signed by Eazy E, who released their debut album "PAID THE COST" on Ruthless/Priority in 1992.